Camping supplies

Oi Oi Oi - are you ready for adventure?


Gidday, I’m Kathy Ryder and my husband Tony and I bought a camping and disposal store in June 2005 because we have a passion for camping, outdoors and adventure.

Since then we have transformed the store from a disposal/camping shop to the now iconic ‘Outdoorism’. We saw the trend emerging and embraced the outdoor movement by stocking a range of products for outdoor adventure/ travel/camping and light weight hiking.


Tony comes from a scouting background with 13 years as scout leader in Murwillumbah. Born for adventure we have spent many years camping in out of the way, four wheel drive destinations such as Fraser Island, Moreton Island and the Simpson desert, you know the sort of awesome places Australia has to offer.


Being pack animals our adventures were usually done with a group of like minded fun seekers. As we are now empty nesters our passion for adventure has grown to include the world (when we can) whether it is riding motorbikes through the Italian Alps or hiking in the himilayers we like to maximize every adventure and the way to do that is to ensure that we have all the right gear to get the most out of our adventures.


We bring all of our wonderful experiences home with us to our shop and share them with our like minded customers, as do they with us. We have first hand experience using many of the products we sell and as such have become know as Mr and Mrs Product Tester. We take this roll rather seriously! You simply won’t find and crap products in our store because we know what our customers need. Our customers return to us time and again because they know that we stock quality, innovative products that won’t let you down when you are out in the great outdoors enjoying your adventure.


Call into our store located in the Main St of Murwillumbah, Northern NSW and talk to us abut your next camping adventure. We are sure that we can assist you with the products that you’ll need to really enjoy the ultimate ‘Outdoorism’ experience either here in Australia or around the World!




Tony and Kath Ryder