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Cath 12 Sep 2013
Travelling in Albania

Dear Mr Product tester.

I've been thinking of travelling through Albania, can you you give me some tips is it a fairly civilised? what should I wear and is it safe for kiddies? what about road rules will they be similar to Australia and is fueln readily available, do I need a jerry can?

I'm not sure whether you can help me with this I know this is a very obscure question but I didn't know who else to ask.

Your mate Goody

Dear Goody,

I'm very pleased you asked me that question. As luck would have I'm well versed in the delights of Albania. Only this arvo I left Albania and crossed into Greece, so I reakon I'm now an expert in the feild.

First of all gotta love Albania, beautiful country rich in so many ways. So.... first of all what to wear?......If your driving in Albania I sugest a kidney belt and extra padding in your pants (as much as possible). Albania seems to have an issue with pot holes, and I thoughtr the Tweed Shire was bad but let me tell you the Albanians could teach us a thing or two about pot holes. A four wheel drive would be handy or an adventure bike. Once you address the the state of the roads then you need to address the donkey carts and tractors and the old ladies with ducks, apparently there is no road rules.its a bonus round! So basically if your still alive at the end of the day it's all good. A friend of mine said its like playing a playstation game you hold onto the controller and ride then all of a sudden a donkey jumps in front of you you hit the brakes then off you go again and next thing a tracker jumps in front of you and you need to swerve and then on you go and if you dont loses your life by the end of the game

Next question, is there enough fuel stops.....let me tell you Albania has a petrol dstation every 200 meters I kid you not totally unbelieveable. And let me tell road rule what road rules it's just survival of the fitest got to be happy with that. The good news is we made it safetly we're now in Greece to civilisation desent roads and great food what else can a person asdk for.

Happy travels Goody hope I see you on the road.

Your mate Tony

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Michael 21 Aug 2013
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